Jay Midwood, our Chief of Human Capital recently participated in a podcast sharing a powerful story: Rethinking Substitute Teaching.

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Jay Midwood shares how Central Falls School District is solving its substitute teaching shortage by creating a pipeline of well-trained educators. Jay currently serves as Chief of Human Capital in the small Rhode Island district.


By the time a student graduates high school, they’ll have spent about a year of their education under the supervision of a substitute teacher. Unfortunately, for most schools, the only requirement to “sub” is a negative TB test. It's a lose-lose system—kids miss learning; administrators, paraprofessionals, and teachers are frustrated; and the substitutes themselves often have no context for the schools they're walking into.

In light of these issues, Central Falls School District decided to rethink the traditional substitute teacher model. 

In this episode, Jay Midwood, the district’s Chief of Human Capital, shares how the small Rhode Island district built its Warrior Teaching Fellowship to ensure quality instruction for students and a robust talent pipeline for the district.

If you would like to connect with Jay about the Warrior Teaching Fellowship, you can email at or reach him on Twitter.

Jay Midwood (@JayMidwood)

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