RIDE District Support Program- It also includes the CFSD Logo + RIDEs logo

District Support Program, a 2-year program to support the state’s districts that were disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and align their post-pandemic recovery efforts to the recommendations of the LEAP Task Force. Program participants will be eligible for matching funds from a pool of more than $20 million to invest in programs that will accelerate student learning in the coming years, as well as specialized supports. Additional information can be found here.

Did you know...

As a way of assisting our MLL (Multilingual Learners) students, we offer monthly workshops to our families through RIDE's See the 3 funding support. These workshops focus on helping parents navigate the educational system and provide guidance on how to support their children's learning at home. Parents have the opportunity to learn about and become familiar with the various platforms and tools utilized by the district.

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