I. Eligibility

Q. Who is eligible for Bus transportation?
A. Transportation will be provided for children residing in the Central Falls School District in the following categories:

  1. Special education students will be provided transportation if it is mandated according to their Individual Education Plan (IEP) and has been through a formal approval process involving the nurse and the education team.

  2. Kindergarten, first and second grade children residing more than ½ radial mile from their assigned school will be provided transportation.

All other students in grades three through twelve are expected to walk to their assigned school.

Q. How is the distance measured?
A. The distance is measured by using the shortest walking path from your residence to and from the school.

Q. Who do I contact if I have questions on transportation?
A. Please contact the Transportation Dept. 401-753-7700.

II. Miscellaneous

Q. Can I have a bus stop closer to my home?
A. Bus stops are centrally located to serve all students.

Q. Will the bus routes and bus stops remain the same?
A. Not necessarily. Your student will be notified of any changes in route schedules by their school bus driver prior to the change.

III. Out-of-District Transportation Information
For more information on out-of-district transportation please visit Rhode Island Department of Education.