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The McKenna Center Relaunch

Welcome Back Letter- 2021

Letter From Our Superintendent

September 2021


Welcome back to the school year 2021-2022!  We are so excited to welcome 100% of students back to in-person learning. Our shared focus this year is to support students, in learning and overall health and wellness.

While the pandemic brought so much loss, we now look to the future and how we can make our schools even better than they were before covid. With an incredible staff, incredible families, the best students, and a huge investment of resources from the federal government, we have all the ingredients for a recipe for success. 

As we look ahead to the next few months, here are some of the many ways we’d love to have you get involved in your child’s education:

1. {Attendance} Support your child to attend school EVERY day!

2. {School Improvement Teams} Join the School Improvement Team at your child’s school to learn more about what’s happening and share your thoughts. This is where you can also give input on how the school invests the Covid relief funds (ESSER $$). 

3. {McKenna Center for Family and Community Engagement}  Based on your feedback, we are re-launching the building at 115 Illinois as the District’s hub for families including registration, tech support, and a place to get questions answered as well as gather with other families! 

4. {New High School} In November you’ll have an opportunity to vote to approve a new high school for Central Falls. Additionally, we’d love for you to help create the vision of what it should have inside - science labs? Medical clinic? A community workout facility? We want to hear your ideas. 

5. {Strategic Plan} Finally, we want to hear from 100% of families about your dreams and ideas for the future of CF Schools. By December we will create a 5-year plan of how to achieve the vision you set forth. In fact, if you want to start sharing your ideas, follow this link: https://bit.ly/3CzKJxh

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#cfREADSdesign Launch

This school year we are embarking on a district-wide redesign. While we work towards designing the schools of the future, we are simultaneously focused on our most foundational work -- developing strong readers!  So as part of the #cfRedesign, January 2, 2019, we launched our #cfREADSdesign.

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