Parent Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy


To provide Central Falls School District Parents with a working knowledge of City and School government and the essential skill sets necessary to become effective parent advocates for their children and community leaders. The primary goals of this program are to transfer concrete leadership skills and increase people’s sense of being agents of change.


• Develop non-traditional community leaders

• Provide a comprehensive curriculum on school and city services

• Promote parent engagement and parents’ roles in decision-making processes

• Increase parents' pride in their community and understanding of how the school and the city government works for them.

Program Summary:

• 5-week training classes plus graduation day (Total 6 classes)

• Enroll 20-25 participants per class

• More than one absence drops participant from the program

• Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program

• Participants receive a stipend for completing the program

Selection Criteria:

• Must be a CFSD parent

• Must be a Central Falls resident

Leadership Curriculum (Four Core Skill Sets):

• Understanding community leadership and your community

• Identifying issues and framing ideas

• Building social capital

• Mobilizing resources for community action

Local Programming:

• Enhance your leadership abilities

• Expand your network of leaders in the community

• Find opportunities for future leadership in your community.

• Expand your awareness of challenges and opportunities in the neighborhood


• Unit 1: The Art and Importance of Leadership

• Unit 2: Understanding Our Community and Making Laws

• Unit 3: The Power of Community Change

• Unit 4: Creating and Planning Successful Meetings

• Unit 5: Communication Approaches

Are you interested in participating?

Please contact Patricia Martinez, Chief of Empowerment and Equity at 401-727-7700, extension 2012, or by email: