We have hundreds of books available for you in English and Spanish at all reading levels. To access ARC Bookshelf, please go through your child's Clever portal. 

Read to Me Workshop at the Mckenna Center!

This workshop is intended to provide families with the tools they need to support their child's learning, explicitly reading support.

It was beautiful to see Families supporting their children in reading!-Learning together.


Superintendent of Schools, Dr.Stephanie Downey Toledo

Reading Partners:

FACE Team: Mrs. Amado, Mrs. Corrales, Mrs. Denise Debarros and Mrs. Martinez

Pod Leaders: Mrs. Laurilim Rosado


Contact your child's teacher if you are interested in finding out what reading level your child is at and how to support your child's learning, specifically reading.


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Read to me workshop #1
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In case you missed the workshop with Dr. Toledo and Dr. Paez, you can watch the video here. This video shows the strategies that our emerging readers need to master in the first three levels of our reading program.