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Central Falls School District Parent College

Adult Education

Purpose of the program:

The program's goal is to strengthen the community by empowering parents through education (workshops, classes, certifications, and opportunities for leadership)

At Parent College, parents can select from a wide variety of classes, including English as a Second Language, Spanish Literacy, Digital Literacy, Leadership Development, Social Engagement, navigation of resources workshops, and certifications to support and enhance their education.

Child Opportunity Zone (COZ)/Parent College provides the families with opportunities to support their children's education, reduce absenteeism from school, and learn practices to navigate resources required for the wellbeing of their households.

Child Opportunity Zone (COZ)/Parent College believes that families, who can understand the English language, will have the opportunity to interact directly with their children's educators while providing vital support to their children.

The program is open to all the parents of children of school ages taking classes at any school in the Central Falls School District. Begin the change today and enjoy the bright future tomorrow!

Parent College Program Offerings

  • Education

The Program offers essential basic reading and writing lessons for beginners that want to become proficient readers and writers, among other educational opportunities.

Today’s days are crucial to be updated with the technical terminology. Take advantage of the FREE Classes and learn or add more computer and word processing skills, Microsoft Word, the internet, a website search, and email.

Families will also learn to navigate Skyward, the District’s system, where parents can communicate with teachers and monitor their children’s academics.

Main Courses:

  1. Spanish Literacy

  2. Pre- GED

  3. GED ESL

  4. Digital Literacy

  • Workshops:

The program provides multiple workshops on health and wellness and community resources and offers support to families to increase their personal and professional growth. Academic achievements will help them be more competitive in the market work to obtain financial stability at home.

List of workshops provided at Parent College:

  1. Orientation and resume

  2. Purpose of the cover letter

  3. Practice personal growth to be successful

  4. Time management and the impact on health

  5. Budget management

  6. Basic steps to understand your taxes

  7. Personal presentation and dress codes

  8. Essential practices for successful interviews

  9. American culture and expectations

  • Leadership Opportunities:

Become an Active Leader! Get more involved in your children's education and learn about:

  1. Parental rights

  2. Navigating High School credits and supporting my child to stay on track to graduation

  3. Applying to College: visits, financial aid, and the application process

  4. Let's Read Together: supporting your child's literacy development regardless of your reading skills

  5. Become an active team player leader

  6. Sense of belonging and responsibilities

  7. Labor rights

  8. Volunteering

Additional Resources for Families:

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You can also contact Maria Cristina Betancur at 401-753-0145. Text: 401-288-1004