Central Falls School District is an urban school district of approximately 2,900 students and 19,000 residents approximately 10 miles north of the capital city of Providence. The City of Central Falls located in Rhode Island encompasses a land area of 1.27 square miles. We serve a variety of students from all over the world. Although our city is small, our knowledge is vast.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Central Falls School Community is to develop its diverse student population into responsible citizens, effective communicators, innovative problem-solvers and critical thinkers who are able to fully participate in and positively contribute to society.

The school community is committed to the attainment of high standards by all students by ensuring a literacy-rich learning environment and providing results-oriented educational leadership at all levels.


  • Respect and Dignity

  • Access and Equity

  • Accountability and Efficiency

  • Excellence and Achievement

Vision Statement
All Central Falls Schools are members of a continually improving system, graduating students who perform at or above grade level expectations as determined by local and state assessments.The district’s stakeholders are committed to and supportive of district goals. The district is recognized and respected by other communities as a national blueprint for successful urban education.

Belief Statements
The richness of the culturally diverse Central Falls community members must be embraced, cherished, and enhanced daily by the work of and interactions with all Central Falls School Staff. In order to celebrate and empower this foundational philosophy, the Central Falls Board of Trustees wishes to acknowledge and promote the following widely encompassing set of beliefs:

  • We believe that education is everyone’s business and leadership is everyone’s responsibility.

  • We believe that students must grow to assume responsibility for their own learning.

  • We believe we must enable, support, and sustain the voices of youth in their development.

  • We believe the measure of student success is determined by what is learned, not what is taught.

  • We believe the effective teacher assumes responsibility for what happens in the classroom, accepts accountability for what each child learns and ultimately, makes the difference between student success and failure.

  • We believe that all people have the ability and the need to learn.

  • We believe that all children have the right to safety, love, and learning.

  • We believe that diversity strengthens society and should be encouraged, honored and protected.

  • We believe that broad, informed participation is crucial to school success.

  • We believe that humanity prospers when people work together.

  • We believe that the culture of the organization is a major factor in shaping individual attitudes and behaviors.

  • We believe we must be a people of hope, respect and reflection.