Inclement WeatherStorm cloud

For student and employee safety, Central Falls Public Schools delays school start times, or does not open schools at all, when there’s extreme weather conditions — usually, ice or snow. Weather conditions are seldom the only factor that enters into the decision to delay or cancel school. Other factors such as parking bans, road condition, and busing also play important roles in making such decisions.

When the school district decides to start late or stay closed, it makes the information available in three ways.

    • Automated phone calls – The district uses its OneCallNow System to call student homes. Please make sure that your child’s school has the most updated contact information on file.
    • Online posting – Delays or closures will be posted on the home page of our web site.
    • TV and Radio – The district posts delays or closures with the Rhode Island Broadcasters Association (RIBA), which is comprised of members from both Television and Radio stations that serve the Southern New England area.