High School Reform Plan


This document outlines our best thinking on how we, the new leadership team of Central Falls High School (CFHS), will lead the transformation of the school. This plan is an outgrowth of the dozens of conversations we have had with teachers, school and district staff, education and local officials, union and district leadership, university and non-profit partners, and members of the school reform community across the nation. This plan also reflects our careful analysis of student- and school-level data, as well as our reading of the education reform literature. Most importantly, however, this plan gives voice to the needs of the people we are here to serve--the students and their families.

The ultimate goal of the CFHS transformation effort is to create better educational opportunities and outcomes for CFHS students. To attain this goal, we must create a culture of achievement that reflects what current research and successful practices tell us about the characteristics of high-performing schools serving high-need students. We must ensure that the reform plan prepares all teachers to teach; all students to learn; and all leaders at the state, district, and school levels to act in a way that substantively supports teaching and learning in the high school.