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Aesop completely automates the process of substitute placement and absence management for every school district in Rhode Island. Integrated phone and internet technologies allow all personnel to access the service anytime, anywhere. Administrators stay informed through extensive reporting, including a custom report writer, and can use skill-matching and preference lists to ensure qualified substitute placements. Teachers can register absences at any time, and substitutes can search for and accept jobs through the phone or internet, plus receive automatic notification of open positions. Aesop also saves data entry time by integrating with our Human Resources and payroll systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Welcome Letter and what if I did not get one? As new employees and substitute teachers are hired, an Aesop Welcome Letter will be generated and either emailed, or mailed. The Welcome Letter contains your Login ID and PIN along with basic Aesop instructions. If you do not receive a Welcome Letter, contact the Human Resources at 401-727-7700.

How far in advance can I enter an absence? Employees can enter an absence either by phone (1 month in advance) or by web (1 year in advance).

How does Aesop determine assignment visibility? First Aesop will attempt to match skills, matching a secondary math teacher with a substitute teacher certified in secondary mathematics, for example. For those substitutes who are qualified, Aesop will look to Preference Lists. There are three Preference Levels: Teacher’s Favorite Five (most visibility), School (less visibility), District (least visibility). Substitute teachers with matching skills and on preferred lists will have the first option to accept an assignment.

How do I assign my Favorite Five? Teachers can log into Aesop web and click on the Preferred Substitute link. Instructions are also available.

What Absence Reasons can I call in? When using the telephone to register an absence, the following phone menu is in effect:

  1. Personal Illness,
  2. Family Illness,
  3. Funeral,
  4. Death and Bereavement,
  5. Personal Day,
  6. No Pay Day,
  7. Vacation Day (12 month employees).