APPLY NOW: The Central Falls School District is now accepting applications for our highly successful Warrior Teaching Fellows program.  An innovative twist on the traditional role of the substitute teacher, the Fellows program is a residency-like, urban teaching experience that provides graduates from schools of education, and those interested in entering the field, an opportunity to improve their learning and teaching practices while at the same time helping to bridge the gap between the academic and social-emotional support our students and families need in their schools and community.

Our Fellows report to the same school in the district throughout the entire school year, and are involved in: Facilitating learning in the absence of the classroom teacher; Providing additional classroom supports in the role of co-teacher or instructional aide; Shadowing master teachers so that they can professionally develop the needed instructional and classroom management skills; Attending teacher team meetings, student meetings, and/or professional development opportunities; and Supporting the restorative staff to build positive relationships with students.

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree and the courage and passion to inspire change in our schools and influence the lives of our students in Central Falls.

Interested applicants can send their resume to the program director, Jay Midwood at